Our bath is checked from the health-department of Berlin constantly and of course through our well-educated swimming teacher

Have a relaxing stay in our Bistro and make your next appointment with our perfect English speaking swimming teacher Olaf Bauroth (the big one on the right hand side)

Adult courses
Adults can also have fun learning to swim. (Also special courses for seniors)


Course duration:
15 x 30 minutes
According to your choice or preference 2 times per week, intensive courses more times a week possible.

1 teacher for maximum 3 persons

Mon - Fri 12:00 14:00 and 18:30 - 22:00 and Sunday afternoon.
Every half hour (see
registration form)

There are more non-swimmers than you imagine!
According to statistics more than 25%, although swimming is the healthiest kind of sport. The
1. Berlin children's swimming school (also for adults) has taught more than 10.000 adults, in a pleasant learning atmosphere, how to swim.
We understand a pleasant learning atmosphere as being:

  • Patient and understanding swimming instructors.
  • Warm water
  • Small groups, max 3 persons for one teacher
  • No spectators
  • Private swimming-hall not open for public use

What do you learn with us?
Breathe stroke, backstroke, crawl, and improved swimming technique, breathing technique and diving.
If you wish we can hold the free and travel float swimming examinations for you.

How do you learn with us?
One instructor looks after max. 3 adults and is with you in the water. The lessons take place in a private swimming-hall without spectators. With lots of patience and understanding, the lessons progress until one is able to swim confidently using modern swimming assistance.

Why is swimming so important for the health?
Swimming keeps your body moving up to a very old age. Apart from strengthening the muscles, preventing and reducing a damaged posture, swimming also relieves the intervertebral disc and spinal column.
Swimming is often a good form of rehabilitation after Illnesses and Operations.
Swimming improves the oxygen supply to the body and relaxes the whole of the muscular and nervous system.