Babies that are not yet able to sit, let alone walk, can playfully learn how to swim and get a good

"Start to life."

Support your child in this start to life and enjoy yourself whilst watching them having fun.


Baby-swim makes much fun for the baby, mother and father

Water temperature 36, the baby feels very well.

It likes to stay in this wellness world.

Is playtime, fun in the water and confidence in a new environment.

Course duration:
20 x 30 minutes
1 - 2 times per week according to your preference without time limit. You can cancel your appointment till 1 hour before.

1 swimming teacher for 5 - 9 babies/infants and either parent (father and mother can alternate)

Getting children used to the water progressing to moving independently with armbands.
Three-dimensional exercises.
Parent- child -gymnastics to encourage movement and perfect body control.
Jumping in the water, Diving under water as well as moving forwards on and under water.

Mon - Sun 09:00 13:00
Mon, Tue, Thurs 17:00 18:00
Fri 14:00 15:00
Every 30 minutes (see
registration form)

  • No waiting time
  • Flexible time schedule
  • Fixed, regular lessons or variable dates possible
  • Babies can start from the age of 4 weeks
  • Infants (approx. 1,5 - 2,5 years)
  • Special times for the infants

Water offers children an experience, which makes them more independent and contributes to their physical, mental and social development. Children who take part in baby swimming are often far ahead of other children. Baby swim enables a harmonious transition from playful bathing to learning to swim.

The German sport physician federation recommends baby swimming as a special form of Parent-Child-Gymnastics. It is also a type of "Parent School" i.e. parents pick up ideas of games to play with their children. The trust, a child has in his parents and the security he feels towards them is strengthened, whereby these internal messages must relate to the individual, respective level of development of the child. The self-assurance of the child is strengthened and it can react to new situations appropriately. With much love and patience you and your child can conquer the wonderful experience of water together.