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1. Berliner Kinder - Schwimmschule
Plantagenstraße 2
12169 Berlin (Steglitz)

Swimming course

Tel. 030 - 791 234 4
Fax 030 - 793 23 07

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Hereby I apply for myself to one
Adult course   15 x 30 min.  EURO 320,-

my child to one
Baby course   20 x 30 min.  EURO 250,-
Infant course (large babies)   20 x 30 min.  EURO 250,-
Child course   17 x 45 min.  EURO 265,-
    *(with parents)

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  • Please do not post the dates fewer than 3 days in advance, so that we can recall you still in time for acknowledgement.
  • We will acknowledge a date desire by telephone / by fax or e-mail.
  • Please agreed upon dates always keep, or in time - at least 1 day beforehand - call off.
  • If you are hindered in an emergency case, please give us a call (mailbox).
  • In the case, your requirement is lost to a punctual reject on this period, but you have to select the possibility another date.


Sample hour / trial hour: